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Dazy Skeleton's Day at the Beach

by Merav Salomon

Dazy – a cheerful, friendly skeleton spends a wonderful day at the beach in her whimsical, fantastic world where she meets many new friends to share exciting adventures with.
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Invision 2

-a Collection of Visual Art in Portland, Oregon

Our Invision series continues and will not disappoint! Invision 2 is a full-color collection of visual art featuring twelve new artists. Each artist profiled has a 6 page spread.
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The Tobacco-Stained Sky

- an anthology of post-apocalyptic noir

Noir meets its grim future in a post-apocalyptic Melbourne infested with all manner of hard-boiled dames, grifters and gumshoes. Concocted by a motley crew of writers and comic book artists, The Tobacco-Stained Sky is a sordid, unforgettable journey into the perfect storm.
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The National Virginity Pledge

by Barry Graham

“Barry Graham’s heroes want to love, yet bigger than their love for people and things is their capacity to destroy the objects of their affection. He doesn’t scorn them, though; he treats them with care and a loving tenderness. He turns grief, betrayal, and violence into something close to poetry, and finds beauty in places we should never wish to visit.”
– Stefan Kiesbye, author of Next Door Lived a Girl
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Red Blood Black Sky

-a horror anthology edited by Justin Nicholes

Within this anthology resides a cross section of horror — journey into surreal nightmare landscapes full of vampires, zombies, and disgruntled ghosts. But while it’s easy to fear the macabre, sometimes, it’s most important to beware the quiet boy living down the street. He may not be what he seems.
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by Kristopher Young

“A rare and amazing literary feat… highly personal and gut-wrenchingly real, yet surreal, dream-like and convincingly fantastic.”
Jody Franklin, editor, Mungbeing magazine

“A compelling genre-bending piece of fiction with a great hook. Click embodies the grit-lit of the streets.”
Susan Tomaselli, editor, Dogmatika
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-a Collection of Visual Art in Portland, Oregon

A full-color collection of visual art featuring twelve incredible artists from Portland, Oregon.
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Lost & Found

by David Brady

David Brady is a Los Angeles artist known for powerful and provocative images that reflect contemporary life. His work portrays his continuous exploration of the figure, utilizing a host of recycled materials and mediums and include collage, assemblage, oil, and drawing.
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Alien Sky

-a science fiction anthology edited by Justin Nicholes

Economic turmoil, environmental chaos, greed, murder… sometimes the future doesn’t feel so different from the now. Inside, learn to love a digital dog capable of more than just fetching bones, meet a space-traveling Don Juan, and join a pickaxe-wielding murderer as he jumps dimensions chasing down the same man again and again. Some of the many stories within are humorous, others frightful, and still others put the alien in alienation—but all help us find our own humanity, regardless of which planet we hail from.
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The Man Talking Project

by Mike Heppner

An original series of three novellas and a coda, The Man Talking Project has been written about in The New Yorker on-line, The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Globe, Conversational Reading, AdFreak, Maud Newton, Media Bistro, The Millions and HTMLGiant. Clare Dudman (98 Reasons for Being) calls the project “…a brilliant piece of writing… innovative, interesting, and absorbing…” and Neil Peart (Road Show) raves “…an artful examination of modern life, and modern love, with perfect dialogue, wry humor, (and) psychological insight.”
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Outside the Lines

by Jesse Reno

Because coloring inside the lines was never all that fun, anyway.
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Ash Dogs

by Justin Nicholes

“Justin Nicholes’ impressive debut offers us a psychologically nuanced, spare and cinematic look at the way families and strangers cleave together in times of great crisis.”
Darren DeFrain, author of The Salt Palace
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Truth Will Measure

by Jesse Reno

Over 100 full-color works from one of today’s most amazing outsider artists, Jesse Reno.

“The innate beauty of Reno’s engaging, many-layered paintings invites the viewer into the artist’s complex personal mythology…”
-BLK/MRKT GALLERY, Los Angeles, California
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Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat

by Andrez Bergen

Post-apocalyptic noir (with a sense of humor) set in Melbourne, Australia. Unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

“Flows effortlessly; smart, mesmerizingly dark and difficult to put down.” – VICE magazine

“A Third Man/Matrix/Blade Runner/Dashiell Hammett melange that is engrossing, intriguing and surprising!” – Patricia Maunder, The Age & ABC Radio

“Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat is a love letter to the detective genre…” – Forces Of Geek
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Falling from the Sky

-an anthology edited by Craig Quackenbush

Thirty-seven outsider voices come together for our first short story anthology, Falling from the Sky.
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Featured Artist

Art of Jesse RenoPortrait of Jesse Reno

Jesse Reno

Born in 1974, Jesse Reno is a self-taught mixed-media painter. He lives and works in his home studio in Portland, Oregon. He's been drawing since he was five years old, [read more]

Featured Author

Portrait of Andrez Bergen

Andrez Bergen

Andrez Bergen is an expatriate Australian journalist, musician, photographer, DJ, artist, some-time filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and ad hoc beer and sake connoisseur who's been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, [read more]