Click gets another fantastic review!

“…the author has pulled off a rare and amazing literary feat: he has crafted a work that is highly personal and gut-wrenchingly real, yet surreal, dream-like and convincingly fantastic. The novel is both intuitive and masterful in execution, and in this regard it shares more with the spirit of modernist painting than it does with postmodern literature. Young speaks to us in a voice that is authentic and thoroughly lacking in pretension.”


So Mungbeing magazine just reviewed Click. They’re an amazing magazine that covers the outsider, the fringe, the bizarre. They’ve had interviews with Robert Anton Wilson, Billy Childish, Alex Grey, Gus Fink and more… quite simply, they are an amazing resource. The second I discovered them I sent in a copy of Click for review. And they not only did a review, but they also loved Jesse Reno’s artwork (my friend, and outsider artist who did the cover for Click) so much that they did a spread on his artwork too!

In a bizarre case of synchronicity, they also reviewed author Gina Ranalli – who I just met a few days ago on Myspace (randomly) and did a book trade with yesterday.

Make sure you check out Jesse’s art (in this month’s magazine, linked from sidebar) and then the rest of the issue, and then the back issues. Amazing! (You can find more of Jesse at his site)

(Can you tell I’m riding high from reading that review? It made my week… no, my month!)


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