Another Sky Press interviewed on Writer’s Talking

From the Writer’s Talking website:

In an era when more and more musicians are bypassing major record labels for independent methods of distribution, what online and multimedia choices exist for writers who don’t want to align themselves with the giant New York publishing establishment?

Host Matthew Wayne Selznick explores some of the trailblazing alternatives in modern publishing with two pioneers… Evo Terra of and Kristopher Young of Another Sky Press.

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  1. Caleb Says:

    Great discussion. Have you put any thought into presenting Another Sky releases as Podiobooks? Evo Terra made some great points about the impact Podiobooks have not only on the availability of books, but also on the trend of many listeners to eventually buy bound copies of Podiobooks.

    Though it would be quite an undertaking, I would love to hear “Falling From the Sky” read by each of the included authors.