Radiohead mainstreams neo-patronage!

I’ve always wondered how long it would take before mainstream artists started jumping ship. We had Prince distribute his last album for free in a sunday newspaper (links to Wired) and now we’ve got Radiohead selling digital downloads for (drumroll please!) whatever price you want! Including free. (links to

Sound familiar?

We’ve been doing something similar for the past two years, but Radiohead brings something new to the table: mainstream attention.

Go go Radiohead! (check out their site here)

-everyone here at Another Sky Press

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3 Responses to “Radiohead mainstreams neo-patronage!”

  1. juan ignacio Says:

    Hello mi name is Juan ignacio,I live en ARGENTINA/SOUTH AMERICA,I barelly speak(or write)in english,but been here and not make the efort to tell you what I think would be a shame to me.
    What wonderfull idea!!!…this is the beginning of a new way of thinking,hopefully more artist(like RADIOHEAD) see that this is a really viable idea.
    please if you are in the position of buying a book here do it now!!!
    …y dont have the posibility because lenguage and money(no paypal or credit card).
    Bye and good luck!!

    spanish translation of the text above:

    hola mi nombre es juan ignacio,vivo en Argentina/America del Sur casi no hablo(o escribo)en ingles,pero pasar por aca y no hacer el esfuerzo de decir lo que pienso seria una verguenza para mi.
    Que maravillosa idea!…creo que este es el principio de una nueva manera de pensar,espero que mas artistas(al igual que radiohead)vean que esta es una idea viable.
    Por favor si estas en posicion de comprar un libro y contribuir con esto hazlo ahora!…yo no tengo la posibilidad por idioma y debido a que no tengo como pagar(ni pay pal ni tarjeta de credito).

  2. jjatria Says:

    when i first read the news on my local newspaper, i almost expected to read something about anotherskypress or at least about the others that have used similar methods online before, but alas… you can only expect so much.
    anyway, just wanted to stop by, tell you that i thought a lot about this when i first noticed, and that i’m downloading the record as we speak (although i bought the disc version too… i’m excited!). this is indeed great news!

  3. Chris Webb on Publishing, Media, and Technology Says:

    The Radiohead Model for Book Publishers…

    Radiohead’s “pay what you think we deserve” experiment has been the topic of much discussion lately. Of course, as a content publisher I am interested in how such a model might look for my industry – book publishing. A small indep…