2007 Recap and Looking Forward to 2008!

Hey there!

The end of the year approaches and what a year it has been!

Invision! Featuring the artwork of Kendra Binney, Ryan Bodiroga, Paul Fujita, Chris Haberman, Scott Wayne Indiana, Tim Karpinski, Tom Keating, Charlie Alan Kraft, Ashley Montague, Dan Ness, Jesse Reno, and Keith Rosson. It’s been getting a great reception (no surprise, given how beautiful it is), including being selected as a featured holiday gift over at the infamous Powell’s Bookstore!
Check it out: http://www.anothersky.org/in-print/invision/

Click was chosen for September’s Book Club Selection at Chuck Palahniuk’s official website, The Cult. Kristopher took part, answering questions and discussing the book with some very receptive (and perceptive) fans.
Dig into Click: http://chuckpalahniuk.net/community/showthread.php?t=30442
Haven’t read it yet? http://www.anothersky.org/in-print/click-kristopher-young/

We also had a wonderful art show release party for Invision, featuring work from all of the artists in the book. The event was organized by Invision editor Micheal Fields of ArtPDX.com and hosted by Portland’s own Crude Things Gallery. A fantastic time was had by all.

And of course, 2007 also saw the release of Truth Will Measure and Falling from the Sky!

We’re aiming for 2008 to be even more productive! Not only do we have several novels in the works, but we’re also moving forward on a couple of childrens’ books, three anthologies, and some new art books! We’ll be sending out more info on these projects soon – we’re excited to be working with so many talented people and look forward to sharing their work with the world.

Neo-patronage got a big boost this year from the mainstream, with RADIOHEAD selling their latest album digitally under a ‘pay what you want (including nothing)’ paradigm. About time! This is fantastic news and more artists are already following suit. We’re no longer quite as fringe as we used to – and that’s a good thing. Part of our goal has always been to see the concepts we espouse spread and we’re happy to see it happening on such a large scale so soon!

Kristopher has also been interviewed quite a bit recently about Another Sky Press and our radical publishing paradigm-
Here’s one online:
Another will go live in the very near future at http://www.dogmatika.com

The holidays are upon us so if you’re into that sort of thing make sure to have the best of times – and if not, have the best of times anyway!

All the best,
Everyone here at Another Sky Press!

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