Upcoming Releases: Spotlight on Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat (w/ sample!)

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that the manuscript for Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, by Andrez Bergen, found its way into my inbox one day. TSMG is the reason I love editing, and I’m thrilled that I’m in a position to help it make the transition to tangible form. Andrez – an expatriate Australian living in Tokyo - has one of the most distinct voices I’ve read in ages. Combining a vernacular worthy of his heritage with a deep rooted knowledge of all things noir and sci-fi, Andrez crafted a gritty tale that swept me in from the moment I started reading it.

Andrez knew a lot of work was still needed, and true to form we’ve been working together editing it for quite some time now. That said, he provided the richest of raw materials – everything an editor could hope for. Working together has been fantastic – we became fast friends despite the fact that he resides in Tokyo and I’m here in Portland. Once again, the beauty of technology used right; it’s amazing how easy it’s become to create truly amazing work cooperatively with people across the globe.

I love that I’ve had the chance to be part of making this book. I can’t wait to share it in total with all of you, and I know Andrez feels the same. For now, though, we’re just giving a taste. The book is still being edited, but we’d like to share the first two chapters with you.

-Kristopher Young
Another Sky Press

Download the first two chapters of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat

Please note: We don’t have pre-ordering set up for TSMG yet because we want to wait until a bit closer to publication. If you’d like to be notified at that time, please join our mailing list or contact us.

About the Author:

Andrez Bergen is an expatriate Australian journalist, musician, photographer, DJ, artist, some-time filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and ad hoc beer connoisseur who’s been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for the past eight years.

Andrez, under the alias of Industrial Form, dabbled with graf, then moved on to installation art spaces and visuals for events put on by pioneering Melbourne experimental electronic music label IF? Records (which he co-helms). He creates music under the pseudonym Little Nobody.

Andrez also writes for the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper in Japan, American mags Anime Insider and Geek Monthly (ex-Cinefantastique), Impact in the U.K., 3D World, Beat and Vice in Australia, and various other publications, on movies, music, anime, culture, travel, etc.

In 2005 Andrez married New York based artist Yoko Umehara, who has moved back to Tokyo, and in November of that year the couple had the world’s cutest daughter, named Cocoa.

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