Tobacco-Stained Book Club now up at Chuck Palahniuk’s site The Cult

Some of you may already be familiar with Chuck Palahniuk’s site The Cult. It’s a great site with a solid community, writer’s workshops, and information on all things Chuck.

One thing the community is serious about are its books, and to that end, they run a monthly book club. And what’s this? July’s book club selection is our very own Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat!

The book club discussion thread just went live (even though it’s a few days early) so please, click on over there, get yourself an account, and join in the fray. And then stick around, because it’s a cool community worth your time.

Get on over to the The Cult’s Tobacco-Stained Book Club!

Some of you may remember Click also was a book club selection there way back in 2007 and it resulted in some great discussion regarding the novel! Let’s outdo that with TSMG!

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