Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat review @ The British Fantasy Society

“Bergen has great affection for film noir, gangsters and cool broads with a shady past. Jokes and references zip past and clobber the reader, so many that an encyclopaedia, glossary and film/reading list are included should you want to check those you have missed. The atmosphere is similar in style to the movie Blade Runner whilst the structure is from The Maltese Falcon.

“Witty and literate, the book skips along at a lively pace… Floyd is a likeable character, the low down gumshoe in need of a quick buck and a shot of whisky is a familiar trope, and Bergen gets the voice and accent just right. The story does go a little off kilter at times, meandering rather than setting out any true destination, but it is the ride rather than the finishing line that makes this a fun read. It’s certainly no worse than trying to understand the plot holes in many of the best Bogart movies.”

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