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When it’s not done right, cyberpunk ranges from laughably bad to horrendously awful. So when I received Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, I wasn’t sure how a cyberpunk novel with such a bizarre title would turn out. Early in the novel, though, I did figure out one thing. This would be different from any cyberpunk novel I’ve read.

For starters, this isn’t in your usual cyberpunk setting such as Japan, Los Angeles, or even Britain. Rather, it takes place in Melbourne, Australia. And not just any kind of cyberpunk future, but an apocalyptic future as well. Making it not just a cyberpunk novel, but a cyberpunk, Mad Max, and Philip K. Dick kind of novel.

But the differences go far beyond the setting and aesthetics. The main thing here, is that TSMG doesn’t take itself seriously. Quite the opposite. Floyd Maquina has a more humorous (whether knowingly or unknowingly) approach to his narration. Even his actions are humorous. He’s very skilled and yet incompetent much of the time.

On a whole, Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat is a fun and refreshing read. It’s a novel that’s both an homage and one of a kind… All in an offbeat way.


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