Upcoming Releases!

We’ve got (at least) three new releases coming down the pipelines, and we’d love to tell you about them.

First up is Lost & Found, an art book by David Brady. It’s stunning, it’s beautiful, and we’re fantastically happy to be working with him. The book is complete, and we’re just working out some final details before announcing an official release date.

Next up we have The Man Talking Project by Mike Heppner.

“Triumphs and failures of living as a writer turn tangible in this four-sided fiction. A ten-year-old boy’s father lectures on the folly of taking a teacher’s praise to heart. A writer details the dreamlike landing of a two-novel deal, and the feeling of abandonment when they are too governed by the bottom line to take risks on later novels. A successful writer counsels a beginner so anxious to write something worthwhile that she’s dying from lack of sleep. With honest, precise prose and indelible characters, these and other narratives within The Man Talking Project flesh out what inspires, torments, and sometimes kills the devoted artist.”

And we’re also working on a interesting follow up of sorts to Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, entitled The Tobacco-Stained Sky. This one’s an anthology set in the same ‘universe’ created by Andrez Bergen, but exploring other characters and occurrences in the futuristic, burnt-out Melbourne.

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