Andrez Bergen announces “ASP’s ‘The Tobacco-Stained Sky’ anthology is now out there!”

Like a fine drop of wine filtered into a dusty bottle stuck down in a dark, dim underground bunker, we’ve been brewing — er, cellaring — the anthology The Tobacco-Stained Sky for over a year, and now (at last) the beastie has been published.

It’s just appeared on Amazon, but you can pick up the trade paperback direct from the publishers (Another Sky Press) for $5.46 + ♥ + postage.

Guy Salvidge (the other editor) and I are truly proud of this little number, which basically touts itself as a collection of short stories and comic book vignettes addressing post-apocalyptic noir.


It’s also a journey back into the realm created for my novel Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat (the rain washed near-future dystopia of last-city-on-Earth Melbourne), and if you want to brush up on that first, Another Sky Press are offering the epub/PDF versions for free — just hit here and scroll down the page.

Floyd and Laurel, along with Hank from that book, make guest appearances in TTSS, along with a bevy of other hard-boiled dames, grifters and gumshoes.

The list of those involved is as follows:

Gerard Brennan, Josh Stallings, Gordon Highland, Chad Eagleton, Chris Rhatigan, Paul D. Brazill, Julie Morrigan, Liam José, Tony Pacitti, Nigel Bird, Chad Rohrbacher, Jay Slayton-Joslin, Devin Wine, Guy Salvidge, Kristopher Young, and myself.

Me, Matheus Lopes, Michael Grills, Marcos Vergara, Harvey Finch, Nathan St. John, Drezz Rodriguez, and Andrew Chiu.


Check it out now if you have time/inclination as it’s an absolute romp.


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