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The Man Talking Project by Mike Heppner OUT NOW!

We’re very proud to announce the release of The Man Talking Project by Mike Heppner!

All pre-orders have already shipped, and it will also be available through all popular online retailers very soon (we’re just waiting for their systems to update). Read more…

The Man Talking Project cover

Postmodern icon and novelist Joseph McElroy praises Mike Heppner’s The Man Talking Project

Joseph McElroy, author of the novels Lookout Cartridge, Women and Men, and Actress In The House, and winner of the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, has this to say about Mike Heppner’s forthcoming fiction collection, The Man Talking Project: Read more…

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IMPORTANT: Our Contact/Submission forms were not working. Now (hopefully) fixed.

As you may know, we did a major site overhaul a few months back. Unfortunately, we just discovered an obscure bug with our new contact form that was causing a significant number of messages to be delivered into the void, never to be seen again. This affected ALL contact forms on the site — including submissions and our authors/artists.

If you’ve contacted us, submitted something, or contacted our authors through our contact forms for any reason and haven’t heard back, that’s why. We are extremely sorry about this; just enough emails were getting through that we didn’t realize there was an issue till very recently.

Our order form and direct emails to specific email addresses were not affected.

If you want to be absolutely sure to reach us, please email us at anothersky @ our domain name.

-Another Sky Press

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Lost & Found by David Brady OUT NOW!

We’re proud to announce the release of David Brady’s Lost & Found, a truly beautiful collection of artwork from an extremely talented man. Buy a copy here!

David Brady is a Los Angeles artist known for powerful and provocative images that reflect contemporary life. His work portrays his continuous exploration of the figure, utilizing a host of recycled materials and mediums and include collage, assemblage, oil, and drawing.

His appetite for everything creative has landed him an artist residency in Japan, collaborative projects with Nelson Mandela, poet Amde Hamilton, photojournalist David Butow, and composer Mark Sims. Exhibitions and projects include the Museum of Fine Art Cuba, Modern Art Museum Mexico, Turchin Center for the Arts, The Lincoln Center, Lilia Arts Center, MOCA Los Angeles, World Trade Center Osaka, and the Center for the Study of Collage. Brady’s work is on exhibit at a number of galleries and universities throughout the United States and selected public spaces internationally.

Selected Artwork from Lost & Found (click for full image):


8 weeks, 8 stories at; The Man Talking Project in Aug.

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Man Talking Project on Another Sky Press, Mike Heppner is posting a new short story on his site,, every Tuesday in the weeks leading up to August. Read more…


Justin Nicholes’ River Dragon Sky (Signal 8 Press) is out now!

Justin Nicholes’ new novel River Dragon Sky, released by Signal 8 Press, is now available! (Click here to buy from Amazon)

JUSTIN NICHOLES ( is the author of the novel Ash Dogs (Another Sky Press, 2008). His fiction has twice been nominated for Read more…

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Upcoming Releases!

We’ve got (at least) three new releases coming down the pipelines, and we’d love to tell you about them.
Read more…


Ash Dogs Audio Book available now!

Justin Nicholes’s Ash Dogs is now available as a set of MP3 audio files! Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Or, enjoy a nice stroll, now that you don’t have to try to walk and read at the same time.

You can find the files in Ash Dog’s download section.


Tobacco-Stained Book Club now up at Chuck Palahniuk’s site The Cult

Some of you may already be familiar with Chuck Palahniuk’s site The Cult. It’s a great site with a solid community, writer’s workshops, and information on all things Chuck.

One thing the community is serious about are its books, and to that end, they run a monthly book club. And what’s this? July’s book club selection is our very own Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat! Read more…

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New site just went live!

Sorry if there are any broken links — with any major change there are sure to be some issues, but hopefully all goes well, and we’ll be fixing any problems we find. If something isn’t working correctly, let us know!