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Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat to be July’s Book Club selection at Chuck Palahniuk’s site The Cult

The subject says it all: Andrez Bergen’s Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat will be July’s Book Club selection at Chuck Palahniuk’s site The Cult! (link will be provided once it’s up and running) Read more…


Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat review @ The Future Fire

“The dim and gritty atmosphere is expertly set, using a massive amount of references to film noir and pop culture, courtesy of our narrator’s nostalgic love for film and all things reminiscent of simpler times… A compelling, well-written narrative with fantastic imagery and a perfectly set tone… This book does a fabulous job of highlighting the complexities and dangers of current world social, economic and political climates. Read more…

Fuyu kanji

The story behind the kanji in TSMG

“In case you don’t know, kanji is the stuff you see on scrolls and painted in big black letters on banners – logographic Chinese characters used in the modern Japanese writing system. Sometimes in movies you see people dabbing big brushes in ink and artily doing strokes across washi paper… Read more…


Andrez Bergen interview @ Lip Magazine

“I loathed Blade Runner when I studied it in twelfth grade, and to the dismay of my class, I was extremely vocal about it. And just to clear something up: I aced the unit, so I did “get” it. But nearly ten years on, I still have nightmares about being forced to watch it. So when I was sent a copy of Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat by Aussie ex-pat Andrez Bergen and discovered it had been compared to Blade Runner, it made me a little apprehensive to flick through the PDF.

I shouldn’t have been worried, and flicking though became devouring every sentence. Read more…


Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat review @ Farrago Magazine

“The author’s self-deprecation helps ground his writing, preventing him from self-indulgence and losing himself in intellectual pretension… All in all Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat is a great read: a well-rounded book from an well-rounded individual [that] easily translates into this expat Australian’s homage to Melbourne and its culture.” Read more…

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Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat review by Guy Salvidge

Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat is a novel that manages to be hardboiled and playful at the same time. What might otherwise be unremittingly bleak fare is lightened significantly by Floyd’s filmic imagination and his wisecracking wordplay. With little to sustain him (his diet seems to consist mainly of vodka, salt and vinegar chips, chocolate almonds and cigarettes), Floyd must struggle against both inner and outer demons. Read more…


Andrez Bergen interview @ Allan Guthrie’s Criminal-E

“Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat was put together over the course of 20 years, tucked neatly away in the rusted-up coin locker that passes itself off as my headspace, and read by no one until Another Sky Press took it on board in 2007. Read more…


Andrez is doing fine (in Tokyo)!

Just letting everyone know Andrez Bergen (Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat) and his family are doing fine.

From Andrez:
“It’s been an insane couple of days for sure, and we keep getting crazy after-shocks. But Tokyo was Read more…


The Writer’s Quarter – Interview With Andrez Bergen

Andrez Bergen, author of the upcoming ASP release Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, was recently interviewed by The Writer’s Quarter.



New Release! Meet Dazy, the star of our first children’s book!

Meet Dazy, a delightful skeleton all ready to spend a dreamy day at the beach. Read more…