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Flyer for San Franscio reading

San Fransico Reading!

Falling From the Sky reading in San Fran! Read more…


Kristopher Young is officially not a robot!

At least, according to this interview.

Check out the interview, it’s about both Click and Another Sky Press.

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Our Beliefs in Español

José Joaquín Atria is an amazing soul who stumbled across our website and felt that ‘Our Beliefs’, our essay on why we exist and what we stand for, was worthy of converting to his mother tongue. We would like to thank José a million times over, not just for his translation, but for putting smiles on our faces and letting us know our words are appreciated.


‘Big Brother’ eyes make us act more honestly

According to this study, we should probably put images of eyes all over this site – people supposedly tip three times as much if there are images of eyes present.

Don’t worry, we won’t. Read more…


Michael W. Dean, director of the documentaries DIY or Die! D.I.Y. OR DIE: How To Survive as an Independent Artist and ‘Hubert Selby Jr.: It/ll be better tomorrow’ and author of the $30 Film/Writing/Music School series of books turned us on to (our user name is ‘anothersky’). Read more…

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our first contribution.

On April 9, 2006, one day after we launched, we received our first contribution. Thank you.