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Click’s hero is experiencing glitches in the universe. He may have tapped into a strange ability which gives him control over the world around him. Or, there’s the disturbing possibility that he’s a case study in paranoid schizophrenia. After all, they  might be after him. He’s falling apart — and to make matters worse, his girlfriend may just be crazier than he is. Forced to face his fears and come to terms with his own flawed nature, he must discover what it means to truly evolve.


Click was September 2007’s Book Club Selection on Chuck Palahniuk’s official website, The Cult. Kristopher was active in the discussion and answered reader questions.

Click was September 2007’s Book Club Selection for the literary community Click here to read the discussion. Click here to read Kristopher’s responses to their questions.

Praise for Click!

…a rare and amazing literary feat… highly personal and gut-wrenchingly real, yet surreal, dream-like and convincingly fantastic. The novel is both intuitive and masterful in execution…
Jody Franklin, editor, Mungbeing magazine

…a compelling genre-bending piece of fiction with a great hook. Click embodies the grit-lit of the streets…’
Susan Tomaselli, editor, Dogmatika litzine

This is the most uplifting story ever told.
Andrew Johnstone, Florida

Inspirational ideas…Click is a life changing adventure ride into the depths of mind, spit back out into the sunshine… thank you. I read a borrowed book… and just ordered my own to promote the legend.
Katie Miller, Washington

They say the subject matter is extreme, psychotic even. So what does it mean that it is such a pleasure to read? … It was like after watching Peter Pan movies as a child, the determination of “Okay: today I am going to learn to fly,” and I set out to find a hill to jump off of. I believed. It is the same way with Click. I set out that day to alter the universe.
Laura Fortenberry, Oregon

Young’s narrator has an appealing, if somewhat psychotic, voice that keeps the pages turning, and before long the events are so far off-kilter that the reader will start forgoing food and sleep simply to find out how much weirder it’s going to get… Click was a labor of love, and it shows… Recommended.
Robert P. Beveridge – Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

…it’s surreal, gritty, intelligent, yet romantic (as in picturesque with vivid, beautifully descriptive writing). …I’m hooked on his writing. I love his style. It’s pretty dense reading… as in, he says so much that I have to digest it and re-read certain parts… mostly because I’m in awe of how descriptive his words are and how he hits upon certain truths with these images… it’s not for the faint of heart, nor for light summer reading, nor for people who like to skim through books; it’s more for people who like to absorb things… it makes you think and, more importantly, it makes you feel.
Randi Russo, New York

This book has so much intensity — Click has you leaning against the walls — peeking around the corners in all its glorious paranoia.
Frances Crum, New Jersey

So good, it’s ridiculous.
Dianna Errico, Illinois

Click definitely has the [Philip K.] Dick contribution, though the others — Hunter S. Thompson maybe? Chuck Palahniuk? Alfred Bester is in there, I think. Except that Click manages to do for its entire length what Bester achieves only in occasional passages in, say, The Stars my Destination.
RW, Louisiana

I read Click in a fevered pitch, wishing it wouldn’t end and wanting to know the mystery behind it all… at times I felt I may vomit from the anticipation, at times I felt a sea of calm overwhelming my senses. Click is a gold mine of nightmarish imagery that left me feeling as though my brain had been raped by the monsters of old in my closet, and I loved every moment of it. Thank you Kristopher.
Kit Rothschild, Canada

Got Click yesterday! Nearly half way through it – wonderful! Every chapter, every word! Look forward to finishing it… but also not. With all good books that I read – both satisfied & sad that the ‘experience’ has ended. And good books are experiences. You know this, or you wouldn’t have been able to write Click. Absolutely splendid & kinetic!
Chris Roberts, Iowa via email

Click is a blast from the past, filtered through the future, available now. I like this book. It’s fresh and innovative, breaks the rules, but is still infinitely readable and enjoyable.
Michael W. Dean, California via email

I was delighted to find myself reading one of those rare stories that manage to make the whole world look completely different for awhile. All the books I have ever read that have had that quality would fit on a rather short bookshelf.
RW, Louisiana

We’ve all had moments when we doubt our own sanity, well anyway, I have. Peering inside one’s own head and being afraid to admit what might be lurking there. Afraid no one else houses such demons or worse, that everyone does. And all too often, I’ve read depictions of that same alienation and found them flat and lacking.
Not so with Click.
I adored and was repelled by your protagonist. I empathized; felt his anguish, his trauma. Sometimes I wanted to smack him, others to hold him close and mother him. I want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him. To see his eyes.
You made me squirm, fascinated and unable to look away. Nightmares in Everycity. Yet hope, redemption emerge – power does not equal corruption, benevolence is viable: a goal we can reach for and grasp. And share.
Thank you.
DJ Greenwood, California via email

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