The Man Talking Project by Mike Heppner

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    Mike Heppner
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Triumphs and failures of life as a writer turn tangible in this four-sided fiction. A ten-year-old boy’s father lectures on the folly of taking a teacher’s praise to heart. A writer details the dreamlike landing of a two-novel deal, and the feeling of abandonment when his publisher is too governed by the bottom line to take risks on later novels. A successful writer counsels a beginner so anxious to write something worthwhile that she’s dying from lack of sleep. With honest, precise prose and indelible characters, these and other narratives within The Man Talking Project flesh out what inspires, torments, and sometimes kills the devoted artist.

Praise for The Man Talking Project!

For The Man Talking Project:

Mike Heppner’s accomplishment goes beyond his first two Knopf novels into the new and challenged no-man’s and everyone’s land of American publishing. A brave achievement.
-Joseph McElroy, author of Lookout Cartridge, Women and Men, and Actress In The House

An artful examination of modern life, and modern love, with perfect dialogue, wry humor, (and) psychological insight.
-Neil Peart, author of Road Show (Rounder Books) and drummer of Rush

The most interesting work of new fiction I’ve read this year… Word for word, sentence for sentence, these novellas come closer to rendering what it’s like to live right now than most anything else out there.
-Joshua Furst, author of The Sabotage Cafe, writing for The Millions

A brilliant piece of writing… innovative, interesting and absorbing…-Clare Dudman, author of 98 Reasons for Being

…rich and complex, keeping the reader thinking about the story long after the last line. Heppner weaves a kaleidoscopic narrative of varying voices, mirroring perfectly the complex dynamic that connects each person within the inextricable tangle of family and human relationships.
-The Chapbook Review

General praise for Mike Heppner:

Heppner is a fearsome cultural critic disguised in a novelist’s clothing.
-Entertainment Weekly

[Heppner] is a young master of this old art, we should be happy to see him arrive so splendidly.
-The Washington Post

Mike Heppner could well be the only novelist working in the postmodern style who consciously strives for accessibility and comparative ease of understanding.
-Peter Quinones, The Bohemian Aesthetic

For The Egg Code:

The most impressive literary debut since Pynchon’s V. Mike Heppner is an astonishing writer, and The Egg Code plants him in the middle of our town square, eyes blazing, hands in motion, brain spinning and his mouth going a mile a minute, delivering one brilliant home truth after another.
-Peter Straub, author of Ghost Story and Koko

The best book of the year… Heppner is a bold, uncompromising author capable of negotiating the literary chasm between technological mumbo-jumbo and real emotional depth.
-Philadelphia City Paper

[A] bumptiously clever debut. Heppner resembles the movie director Paul Thomas Anderson more than he resembles any fellow writer–like Anderson’s Magnolia, this novel operates on multiple levels, alternating among an evidently empathetic intelligence, an uncommon comic brio and outrageously sophomoric symbolism.
-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

For Pike’s Folly:

Brims with fun… The kind of Waugh-like breezy black humor that cloaks a biting satire.

Heppner’s prose is ax sharp, and he fells a great many American demons in putting forth his haunting and redemptive vision of New England’s past and present.
-Publishers Weekly

A talented writer with a clear sense of the ridiculous and how seriously we take ourselves, Heppner is a writer who grows with each book.
-The Portsmouth Herald

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