Truth Will Measure by Jesse Reno

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    Jesse Reno

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Over 100 full-color works from one of today’s most prolific outsider artists, Jesse Reno. Self-taught, Reno’s distinctive style has emerged through sheer creative will. Reaching deep into his subconscious and the wisdom of our ancestors, Reno has created a mythology that permeates his work, both defining and defying the lasting conflict between humanity and nature. Inspired by indigenous, primitive, and shamanic painters, Reno is at once artist and story-teller, speaking a truth that makes viewing his work not just an experience, but a journey.

Praise for Jesse Reno

The innate beauty of Reno’s engaging, many-layered paintings invites the viewer into the artist’s complex personal mythology… In assimilating the message that individuals have the power to change for the better, the viewer understands that Reno, beyond being an artist, is able to assume the role of contemporary shaman—accessing totemic symbols for the purpose of restoring equilibrium between human beings and the environment…
BLK/MRKT GALLERY, Los Angeles, California

Selected Images from Truth Will Measure

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