Q: Can I help?

A: Absolutely. First, you can spread the word. We don’t quite have the connections and marketing budget of a multi-national corporation. In fact, all of our promotion comes out of pocket – and we do NOT pass that cost along to our readers. We keep our base price as low as can be – it includes only the direct costs of production and shipping.

You can also submit something! Let’s turn this into a movement.

We also need more people willing to work on projects – editors, cover artists, etc. There is no pay – that’s not how we operate. Instead, all team members will be working for a share of future royalities on contributions (the creator will always get the highest share) for the projects they work on. This means there is no guarantee as to how much you will be making for your time – but neither does it limit it to a fixed salary (we hate ‘work for hire’!). More importantly, it means you’d have to believe in any project you undertook (or why would you undertake it?) – and ensure that a given project team is fully connected and involved in a project.

Q: Don’t free things usually stink?

A: Sometimes. But sometimes expensive things stink too. And sometimes, free stuff is great. We’d argue that there is often zero correlation between price and quality of creative works – the price is set by the seller (before the sale) and the quality is determined by the purchaser (usually after the sale). We offer a new way of doing business – you determine the quality, and then you determine the price (via contribution).

Q: Is my contribution tax deductible?

A: No. Another Sky Press is not a charity. It is a business that operates under a contribution system rather than having fixed prices. That said, we’re pretty much run as a non-profit… 100% of contributions for a book are paid out as royalties — the press only makes money if the creators decide to then ‘tip back’ to us in turn! We then put any money we make into our future releases. Nobody involved in this project is salaried. Our goal is to make neo-patronage a viable source of income for artists.

Q: Neo-whatzit?

A: Neo-patronage. This is what we call our pricing system. It refers to the revamping of the patronage system, using technology to solve its previous limitations. Nowaday’s, it often more simply called ‘Pay what you want’.

Q: What does “transparent” pricing mean?

A: We tell you the exact costs we incur per book so that you can better understand where your money is going and why our base cost is our base cost. We provide you what we offer at exact cost to us and depend upon your contributions.

Q: What kind of royalty does an author get at Another Sky Press?

A: We believe the creator should get a higher share than all other parties involved in the project (including Another Sky Press itself). Everyone involved with a given project is working for future royalties – the benefit of this being individuals will only work on projects they believe in. The exact percentage each gets is collectively decided at the beginning of each project.

Most publishers ‘offer’ a royalty. We think that’s a little strange – it’s like, “hey, we’ll let you have 5%.” And…for some reason, authors are expected to break out the champagne. With us, it’s different. It’s more like the author starts with 100% – and instead of us offering them a royalty, they decide what the others involved receive. The editor, cover artist, Another Sky Press, and others involved in the project work something out, together, fairly. It’s safe to say the author will get the lion’s share of profits on a book.

Q: Who is Another Sky Press?

A: It’s mostly me, Kristopher – but i’m not alone. A strong handful of people help me with various aspects of this project – from mailing stuff out to this web site to working on future releases. It’s other authors, editors, artists, and more. It’s people (sometimes complete strangers that just love what we Stand for) helping with promotion in distant cities. Plus it’s you, the audience. I view Another Sky Press as more of an idea put into practice than a business… and ideas can’t be owned.

Q: How did this all come about?

A: I’ve been dreaming of doing this for nearly a decade. Previous blue-prints involved getting a group of interested artists together and building a site around them, but I decided I needed to create something first – to be an artist, not a middleman. Once I finished writing Click, I briefly contemplated going with a small, more traditional publisher and quickly realized that if I didn’t go through with this, how could I expect somebody else to? So… Another Sky Press was born – a culmination of a dream, and the implementation of a pricing system I believe is heads and tails superior to that found in modern day consumerism.

Of course, since the first book we put out is mine, there may be some ‘self-publisher’ type stigma. There’s not much that can be done about that – people will have their biases and we can only hope that Click and our future releases prove them moot. It’s not like there are other publishers publishing under this paradigm – if I wanted it done this way, I had to do it myself (though I’m lucky to have had amazing people helping out). Click hasn’t been rejected by all the major publishing houses – Another Sky Press and what it stands for has always been the goal.

Q: What’s in store for the future?

A: We are expanding – there are a number of books already under consideration for the next release. We want to provide more artists the opportunity to provide their material (have something? submit it to us!). We will have online only stuff (especially for something like short stories) and will also continue putting out high quality trade paperbacks of select works on our site. We will continue to do our best to connect artists and audience while eliminating middlemen.

Q: Wait. Why should I pay when others could get it for free?

A: Remember – we’re only asking you to contribute what you think our projects are worth to you. Therefore, you can’t possibly be getting ripped off. Others will do as others will do, but your actions depend only on you.

Q: Why do you offer the entire book for free? Why not just give a sample?

A: This is best anwered by reading about our beliefs.

But here’s an analogy: Many museums allow entry based on donation. They have a ‘suggested’ donation, sure, but you can get in for a nickel if you wanted. We think that’s great – art should be available to all, regardless of income. That said, we believe they shouldn’t request the donation before you go in, but after. Otherwise, how would you know what the experience was worth?

Basically, we trust you.

Q: How did ‘Another Sky’ get its name?

A: The phrase was developed during brainstorming, word association, word deconstruction and general meme building.

Q: What is a “perfect bound trade-paperback”?

A: Most of the books you see in a bookstore nowadays are what is referred to as a trade-paperback. They are paperback, but they aren’t those small little mass market books with cheap paper and smudgy ink. Instead, they’re larger (in our case, 5.5×8.5 inches) and have a high quality full color cover. Perfect bound refers to how the pages are glued to the cover.

Q: Why is paying through Paypal more expensive?

A: Paypal takes a cut. To be specific, they take $0.30 plus 2.9% of the total payment. Therefore, we add their charges to our base cost. They also take their cut of any contribution above and beyond the base amount.

Q: Paypal stinks. Why do you use them?

A: Because some people find ordering stuff on the internet scary, and using an established third party to deal with credit card type stuff makes sense. When using Paypal, we don’t see any of your credit card information.

Q: Can I use a different online payment system?

A: Let us know about them, and we’ll look into adding them.

Q: I live in Portland, Oregon. Can I pick the book up locally?

A: If you’re up for coffee, we’re game.

Q: Can I order a book you carry at my local bookstore?

A: Maybe. You can certainly special order it. Bookstore policies are not conducive to the small press. First off, industry standard is that 55% of the cover price goes to the bookstore. More importantly, at any time they can return any overstock, in any condition, to the publisher at the publisher’s expense for a full refund. There’s a long history (dating back to The Great Depression as to how these policies began, and why they’re still in use, but the end result is that getting in too many bookstores can be dangerous for a small publisher. We personally know of other indy publishers that have nearly been bankrupted when a ton of forgotten about stock was returned to them.

Q: Can I order a book you carry through Amazon?

A: Yes, and through most other online book retailers. Though we’d rather you ordered directly through us – and you might get some cool free stuff out of the deal, too.

Q: How do I order extra copies?

A: If you would like more than one copy, simply contact us and let us know. Our main order page only allows single quantity purchases to prevent bookstores and other resellers from intentionally or accidentally abusing our contribution system.

Q: Can I publish something through Another Sky Press?

A: Check out our submissions page and send us what you’ve got. We can’t accept every project – but if what you have to show us knocks our socks off and we’ve got the time and energy to help you bring your project to print, we will. And in case you’re wondering, we don’t charge you a dime.

Plus – remember, there’s nothing stopping you from doing something like this yourself.

Q: Is overhead figured into the base price of a book?

A: No. We cover overhead costs (running this website, promotion, etc.) out of pocket. Our base prices are based solely on the direct costs to us for the specific book you are purchasing – we don’t even account for promo copies, the cost of isbn numbers, printer set-up fees, or anything like that in the math. The base price may be off a fraction of a cent due to the math, but that can go both ways and sometimes we might even lose money per book sale. And anything extra we might send you (a cool bookmark, for example) is on us and not figured into base cost.

Q: Should I contribute to a book that I’ve read even if I didn’t like it?

A: You should never feel required to contribute. If you want to support the artist and what they’re doing, contribute. If you like what Another Sky Press is about you can contribute directly to us.

Q: Why do you sometimes link to Powells.com or Amazon.com?

A: Our site occasionally links out to Powell.com and Amazon.com. Following these will help us receive a small % from any purchases you make. This % comes from the store’s cut and does NOT affect the amount the author or publisher will receive from a sale. So, basically, you can help support us and support the authors we link to at the same time. We like supporting Powells.com because they’re local and friendly, but we are also including Amazon.com because their recommendation system is undeniably powerful and therefore sales on Amazon.com can definitely help new readers find authors. So it’s your choice. You can also go through these links and buy something completely different and support us… (which is a kind thing to do!). Conversely, you can bike to your local non-chain bookstore and support them – we won’t get a cut, but that’s ok. Ask them to please carry our books while you’re at it!