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We went back and forth on the merch thing (we’ve always respected Dischord Record’s decision to avoid merch altogether). That said, doing what we do costs money and anything we make on this merch will go right back into putting out more projects. So please consider purchasing some Another Sky Press gear – it really helps us out. We promise you’ll get a great karma boost to use in any way you see fit.

We are selling through CafePress – but only selling items that are guaranteed SWEATSHOP FREE: clothing made by American Apparel and specific items that Cafe Press has confirmed are made in the USA. Anything of questionable origin is not being sold, regardless of cool factor.

Not into merch? You can also contribute directly to us in any amount, just like normal.

We have three different pricing tiers.

  1. At Cost: It wouldn’t be Another Sky Press if we didn’t make everything available at cost – we don’t earn a dime.
  2. Silver Edition: Identical merch, but we added some markup. A great way to get a shirt and support a good cause.
  3. Platinum Edition: Identical merch, but we added even more markup. If you can afford it, please show us you care!

Feel free to mix and match from any tier. You can view all three tiers at once by clicking here, but the products get a little out of order so be careful.

Ryan Scott of Ryan Scott Designs came up with the absolutely stunning take on our logo (originally by Steven Spikoski) for our first merch release. We are planning on adding new merch with new designs in the future (if you’re a designer and are interested, contact us).

Another Sky Press Stickers
Another Sky Press Organic Tee
Another Sky Press Jr. Raglan
Another Sky Press Jr. Hoodie
Jr. Baby Doll
Jr. Spaghetti Tank