PAY WHAT YOU WANT! We charge exact cost of production + shipping for our books. 100% of the profit on a book (your contribution) is distributed as royalties to the author, artists, and others who actually created the book. So if you can afford to contribute to help support our authors and artists, please do!
Why we use a contribution/neo-patronage model.
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Remember, your contributions are how our authors get paid! Our base prices are zero profit for standard editions. 100% of our profits (your contribution) are distributed as royalties to the individuals (authors, artists, etc.) directly involved in the project. More info.

NOTE: Many of our releases are available signed by the author/artist. Please see individual release pages for more information.

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  • Your price = Our Costs + Optional Contribution.
  • Shipping:We ship same day (ok, sometimes the next day) and will even throw in cool bookmarks and/or other goodies. Shipping is calculated via USPS webserver based upon the total weight of your order — based on weight, domestic orders ship either first class or media mail, whichever makes more sense.
  • Fees:We only charge Paypal and Google Checkout transaction fees on the total base price, NOT on your contribution – in other words, we don’t charge you extra money for being nice to us and our authors.
  • Packaging: Each item is assessed an exact packaging fee based on what is used to mail it. When ordering multiple releases, we add up the combined packaging cost and cap that at $1.00 to get a good estimate.
  • Handling: There is a fixed $1 handling fee per order.
  • International Shipping: International orders are shipped via First Class International, Priority Flat Rate Envelope, or Priority Flate Rate Box based on total weight and quantity of items ordered (we provide the best and least expensive option). Exact shipping cost is calculated via the USPS webserver based upon weight. International orders that contain pre-orders ship upon pre-order release to save you money. For some orders, there is also a $0.50 currency conversion fee included in shipping.
  • Quantity: This form only allows you to purchase one copy of a given release at a time. If you would like to purchase in quantity, please contact us for details.

  • Embrace the future. Support what you love.