IMPORTANT: Until recently, this form had an obscure bug (thanks to our site redesign) that caused many messages to be lost forever. It is now fixed. If you’ve contacted us and haven’t heard back, please resend – we apologize for the inconvenience.

Just to be safe, if this form hangs, please email us direct at submissions @ our domain name.

If you have a project you think might interest us, please read over our beliefs and then use the form found at the bottom of this page to submit a brief note (include contact info and a brief summary of your novel). Do not attach a sample/manuscript. If we’re interested we’ll follow up with you. Sorry about that – we simply get so inundated with manuscripts that it becomes impossible to review them and respond in a timely manner – and we end up feeling terrible.

If you have another project in mind – for example, an art book, or a comic book… contact us. Basically, we’re ready and willing to explore new directions. Additionally, we’re also interested in exploring online only releases (which might be perfect for something like a short story). If you’ve got the talent, show us and we’ll respond in kind.

We’re also always on the lookout for new and interesting artists to be considered for either upcoming art books or book covers. If interested, let us know – feel free to send along a representative .jpg of your work along with a link to your website.

If we dig what you’ve got, we’ll ask for the rest and continue from there. Don’t sweat the cover letter, and don’t sweat official manuscript formatting dogma. We know what the industry expects – but we’re not the industry. As far as we’re concerned, we’re all in this together and we want to converse with our prospective authors (that’s you) on as human a level as possible.

If we like your full manuscript we will take it through the entire process from editing to print. We do not give advances – our advance is that we like your work enough to put the time and energy (and money) into bringing it to print. We do, however, provide an incredible pro-artist royalty and we will never use ‘creative accounting’ to rip you off.

We are not a vanity press. We don’t charge you a dime, and if we select your project we will put a ton of time and effort into making it happen. We’re doing this because we love books and because we believe in what we’re doing.

Thank you for reading,

Another Sky Press

Please Note: You should receive an automated email letting you know we received your submission. It may take quite some time for us to actually review your material. In addition to having a lot of projects already lined up, we get a large number of submissions. We do not announce acceptances into our anthologies until the respective editors have made their final decisions.

ONLY include an attachment if you are submitting for our science fiction anthology or an artwork sample.

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