Thank Yous

Michael Fields of and For general php consulting and assorted help when building the original site for Another Sky Press.

Steven Spikoski – For designing our logo.

Christine – for tons of help, advice and other good stuff (especially chocolate chip cookies). If you’re lucky, she may have been the one to pack your book and ship it off to you.

Dischord Records – Throughout my adult life, I’ve pointed to Dischord records as an example of what can be done. I remember the first time I came across a Fugazi cd (that I already owned) at a record store and saw that little bit of info about how you could order it postage paid direct from Dischord. The price was over 7 bucks less than the one in the record store (which is why some record stores cover it with a price tag!). Now, obviously we do business a little different here – but we definitely looked to Dischord for inspiration and guidance. Thank you.

WordPress – A freely available open source blogging software that serves (with a bit of customization) as the core functionality of this site. support the open source movement in every way you can.

The WordPress community! Every question answered. All the plug-ins we needed existed before we even knew we needed them.

The PHP community! Again, every question answered. Thank you, thank you.

Plug-in Creators

Too many to list, but we particularly love:

Delicious:days – for our lovely cforms contact form.