Who We Are

Kristopher Young

Kristopher Young was born in 1974 with roots in Philadelphia and New York City. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004 to focus on his writing. His background is diverse; he’s vegan, is trained in branding and scarification, put himself through school designing databases and has a Master’s Degree in Media Ecology (the impact of mass communication on society) from New York University. Another Sky Press is his creation, the culmination of putting idealism into action. Click is his debut novel.

Christine Barnum

Christine Barnum, born in 1979, has a Bachelor of Music in Music Business from New York University. She is keeper of all things that even look like receipts and is in charge of all math type stuff up to and including (especially including) royalties. This is good, because she’s an expert in royalty type stuff – in fact, she’s probably audited the royalties of your favorite band at one point in her life. She’s also in charge of shipping things to you. Basically, Christine is the muscle behind Another Sky Press, keeping it from becoming buried under a pile of crumpled, coffee stained receipts.

Michael Fields

Mike Fields is the wild card, and the world is better for having him. Mike does some of the coding for Another Sky Press – such as the original ordering system as well as paypal integration. He’s also the main force behind our Invision series of art books. He runs Black Market Culture and Art PDX, the coolest art sites on the web. He does freelance web design, so if you need something done check out his design site, mfields.org.

Jesse Reno

Born in 1974, Jesse Reno is a self-taught mixed-media painter. He lives and works in his home studio in Portland, Oregon. He’s been drawing since he was five years old, painting and showing his works publicly since 2000. Jesse painted the cover for Click in 2005. Visit Jesse’s web site! With hundreds upon hundreds of amazing paintings, Jesse is the most prolific painter we know.

Dayna Crozier

Dayna Crozier currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. Previous to that, she was in NYC and was senior editor for the music site Epitonic and assisted with RES Magazine, a bi-monthly publication dealing with film, music, art, design, and culture. Dayna edited Click and kept Kristopher in line as best she could.

Craig Quackenbush

Craig Quackenbush was born in 1968 in upstate New York. He holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism and studied film at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He is a freelance journalist, currently with Specialty Publications in Los Angeles. His features, interviews, and reviews have appeared in New York’s Show Business Weekly, Talent in Motion magazine, Buffalo’s Art Voice, Lucid (Connecticut’s Independent Arts & Entertainment Weekly), and on The Agitator. He has written several screenplays and the novel Ache. Craig resides in New York City but dreams of spending winters in San Francisco. Additional information can be found at his website, Urbanoutlaw. Craig is a freelance editor with Another Sky Press and is helping to put out some of our top-secret new projects.

Lyla Emery

Lyla has a magic machine that somehow makes everything beautiful and perfect and real. You wish you were there… even when you were there, because somehow, it all seems so much better through her lense. Lyla is a clutch player at Another Sky Press – not directly involved, per se, but she’s always there when it counts. Check out her photography site.

Steven Spikoski

Steven Spikoski was born in 1976 and hasn’t looked back. He studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and has a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He designed the Another Sky Press logo (and several rad variants). Visit Steven’s web site and check out his art and design projects!