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Verbicide Interviews Kristopher Young

Douglas Novielli at Verbicide interviewed Kristopher Young about Another Sky Press, neo-patronage, and other good stuff. Check it out! Read more…


Reading Local interviews Kristopher Young of Another Sky Press!

More interview goodness from Kristopher Young, this time talking via email to Gabe Barber of Reading Local. On the table are various issues near and dear to Another Sky Press – our mission, our future, and our dreams. Read more…

Dead Robot Society Banner

ASP Audio Interview with the Dead Robot Society!

In case you haven’t noticed, the robots have slowly been joining forces over the course of the last few years. What were once simply lonely machines subjugated to a life of assembling toys for our pleasure have finally united under the banner of the Dead Robot Society, where they discuss writing, philosophy, literature, and the future of publishing. Their army is under construction (fortunately for us, ‘some assembly required’ was a bit of an understatement) and their world dominance will be forthcoming. Read more…


Another Sky Press interview at Dogmatika!

Kristopher Young is interviewed by Susan Tomaselli of Dogmatika about Another Sky Press, neo-patronage, and the future of publishing! Read more…

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Another Sky Press interviewed on Writer’s Talking

From the Writer’s Talking website:

In an era when more and more musicians are bypassing major record labels for independent methods of distribution, what online and multimedia choices exist for writers who don’t want to align themselves with the giant New York publishing establishment? Read more…


Kristopher Young is officially not a robot!

At least, according to this interview.

Check out the interview, it’s about both Click and Another Sky Press.